Zoniqx selected to be featured in Ripple's Q1 2024 XRP Markets Report

Zoniqx is proud to be recognized in Ripple's Q1 2024 XRP Markets Report for leveraging XRPL's robust blockchain infrastructure to streamline real-world asset tokenization, enhancing efficiency, accessibility, and liquidity in the digital asset market.
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Zoniqx Selected for PwC 2024 Scale Tokenisation & Digital Assets Program

Out of a highly competitive pool exceeding 700 applicants, Zoniqx has been chosen as one of the 11 companies to join this groundbreaking initiative.
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Generate Liquidity, Tokenize Real Estate
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Generate Liquidity, Tokenize Financial Instruments
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Generate Liquidity, Tokenize Alternative Assets
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Generate Liquidity, Tokenize Digital and Intellectual Properties
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Generate Liquidity, Tokenize Carbon Credits & ESG
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Where Assets Meet Their Digital Future
At Zoniqx ("Zoh-nicks"), we're transforming RWA (real world asset) tokenization with our advanced Tokenized Asset Lifecycle Management (TALM) solution, expertly crafted for the secure and compliant transformation of real-world assets into digital tokenized assets. Our TALM solutions built on multichain interoperable innovative RWA protocol DyCIST (ERC-7518) offers a comprehensive approach, managing every phase from issuance to trading and liquidity of digital assets.
(ERC-7518) Permissioned Global RWA Protocol
A Trillion Dollar Market Potential
Revolutionizing Asset Tokenization:
Unleashing a $16 Trillion Opportunity by 2030
Digital Assets Tokenized by 2030
Value of Tokenized Public Equities, Funds and Bonds by 2030
Zoniqx’s integration with the XRPL marks a significant milestone in the journey to enable the Internet of Value. By integrating XRPL's fast, cost-efficient blockchain technology with Zoniqx's pioneering tokenization services, the XRPL is poised to showcase unparalleled efficiency and scalability to the world of asset tokenization.
Markus Infanger,
SVP of RippleX
Partnering with Zoniqx allows us to leverage their state-of-the-art tokenization platform, enhancing our ability to offer seamless and compliant real estate tokenization solutions to our clients. Zoniqx's expertise in blockchain technology perfectly complements our vision of transforming the real estate investment landscape.
Daniel Radwansky
Co-Founder of StegX
Our approach at T-Blocks is to be chain-agnostic regarding the real-world assets we tokenize. We are excited to partner with Zoniqx, not only because of their advanced TALM solution but also because we share a unified vision for the future of tokenization. This vision includes aggregating liquidity and supply channels to enhance and streamline deal-matching.
Henri Ndreca,
Co-Founder, T-Blocks
Bridging Boundaries, Integrating Markets: Zoniqx's Global Compliance Vision
Harnessing DyCIST (ERC-7518) Protocol: Leveraging advanced technology to ensure seamless compliance and secure cross-border transactions.
Global Reach, Local Expertise: A network spanning continents, providing tailored solutions for diverse market regulations.
Elevating RWA Tokenization with Unmatched Technological Expertise.
Hong Kong
Who We Are
Zoniqx, a global fintech leader headquartered in Silicon Valley, specializes in converting real-world assets into Security Tokens. Adhering to the Dynamic Compliant Interoperable Security Token (ERC-7518) protocol and catering to diverse asset classes, we position ourselves at the forefront of the tokenization industry.
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At Zoniqx, we believe that trust is our most valuable currency. It's not just something we expect; it's something we're committed to earning every day. Through unwavering transparency, close cooperation with regulators, and strategic partnerships with leading financial institutions.

Prasanth Kalangi
Founder & CEO
Our mission at Zoniqx is to harness this potential for asset tokenization, transforming money movement and promoting economic growth. We're committed to building an accessible, efficient, and inclusive financial world for everyone.
Sanjeev Birari
Co-Founder & CBO
Our Flagship Solution. Introducing TALM.
Tokenized Asset Lifecycle Management
Our TALM framework provides a comprehensive, compliant, and regulated solution for asset tokenization, encompassing all phases from issuance to liquidity and trading. It's the complete solution you need to unlock 360-degree value in tokenizing your assets.
Primary Token Issuance
Key infrastructure for asset tokenization with a secure Smart Contracts engine, enabling blockchain-based asset fractionalization.
Token Distribution Rails
Connecting issuers with Broker-Dealers, DEX, and Financial Institutions, providing access to blockchain-tokenized private assets for alternative investment.
Tradability of Tokens
Enabling issuers to create their own DEX for token trading, subject to regulatory approvals from entities like FNIRA and SEC.
On Chain Finance of Tokens
On Chain DeFi for Security Tokens and Tokenized Assets
The Power of TALM
Our nimble proprietary solution is a robust all-in-one platform to manage the complete lifecycle of digital securities.
Beyond Basic Tokenization
Holistic Market Solution
Lifecycle Management
Innovative & Secure
White Label and Private Label
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from Mid-Level to Large.
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