Zoniqx: Revolutionizing Asset Tokenization
Innovating at the Intersection of Blockchain and AI
Based in Silicon Valley, Zoniqx is at the forefront of blockchain and AI-driven asset tokenization. Our cutting-edge Tokenization Platform as a Service (TPaaS) is a white-label solution that integrates analytics, algorithms, and transformative technology for asset tokenization. As pioneers in institutional-grade asset tokenization, we offer a comprehensive platform for issuing, managing, exchanging, and transferring a variety of digital assets and security tokens, including tokenized equity, debt funds, private capital funds, real estate, supply-chain invoices, and non-performing assets.

Our efficient and user-friendly platform simplifies the tokenization process for asset issuers, eliminating technical complexities and making it accessible to a wider audience. Zoniqx's mission is to revolutionize the transition from "Real World Assets into Digital Assets," setting new industry standards with our Tokenized Asset Lifecycle Management (TALM). Our TALM solutions built on multichain interoperable innovative RWA protocol DyCIST (ERC-7518) offers a comprehensive approach, managing every phase from issuance to trading and liquidity of digital assets.
Empowering Global Enterprises with Scalable Solutions
Zoniqx is not just a technology provider; we're a global leader in enterprise-level asset tokenization. Our hallmark is our unwavering commitment to security, scalability, and compliance.

The Tokenization Platform as a Service (TPaaS) End-to-End Technology solution that we offer ensures a robust and compliant environment for asset tokenization. Our proprietary SecureConnect solution stands out by providing issuers direct access to a diverse pool of liquidity options, connecting seamlessly with decentralized exchanges (DEXs), broker-dealer networks, Alternative Trading Systems (ATSs), financial institutions, and private investors such as family offices and hedge funds.

This connectivity is crucial for enhancing the tradability of tokens, driving liquidity, and expanding market access. With its unparalleled interoperability and extensive network reach, SecureConnect is a cornerstone in the realm of digital securities, empowering issuers with a stronger market presence.
Leading the Charge in Digital Asset Transformation
As a Silicon Valley-based innovator, Zoniqx is on a mission to be the trailblazer in transforming Real World Assets into Digital Assets. Our dedication lies in making tokenization accessible and straightforward for everyone, employing low code/no code technology platforms that unlock new possibilities in the digital asset landscape. With a vision for global expansion, we are extending our innovative solutions to markets around the world, bringing our expertise and cutting-edge technology to a diverse range of international clients.
Our vision is to create a world where every person can invest in and benefit from private capital investments as a source of wealth creation while asset holders of private capital have an easy way to liquidate their assets and raise capital in the quickest most efficient way possible.
Leveraging decentralized technology networks in conventional private markets is a challenging task. With Zoniqx, we aim to pioneer the creation of Tokenization Platform as a Service (TPaaS), an entirely new model for real asset investing using Web 3.0 technologies.
We are a team of globally experienced professionals deeply committed to the digital economy. We are a revolutionary fusion of finance, real estate, and technology pioneers committed to changing how fundraising and investing are currently done in conventional private markets.
Steering Zoniqx Forward
Prasanth Kalangi
Founder & CEO
Sanjeev Birari
Co-Founder & CBO
Aron Dutta
Strategic Advisor
Nagarjuna Kumar Deevi
Sr. Advisor
Shefali Sharma
Lead Marketing Manager