Tokenization Platform as a Service (TPaaS)
Maximize Capital Efficiency with One Platform
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TPaaS Capabilities
Deal Setup Wizard
Streamline deal creation process for a variety of assets via modular architecture.
Token Suite
Manage complete token lifecycle, including issuance, transfer, redemption, and compliance.
Automate dividend distribution with real-time tracking and efficient payouts.
Custody Support
Ensure secure asset protection through self-custody or 3rd party custody services.
User Experience
Create a customized digital asset marketplace by enhancing user experience.
Dynamic Cap Table Management
Streamline equity management and control company's ownership structure.
Role-based Privileges Security
Manage sensitive information by restricting user permissions and authorizations.
Deal Setup Wizard
Facilitates smooth intra-network communication and data exchange.
White & Private Label
Our turnkey solutions for White Label and Private Label offer a modular architecture that streamlines the issuance, management, and distribution of digital assets.
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CompliTO, Compliance Token Oracle is a multi chain compliance system that automates and utilizes a dynamic rules engine.
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Our rigorously audited smart contract engine EvoSmart is certified by CertiK, a leader in SmartContracts space.
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