The Smart Compliance Token Oracle
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CompliTO, Compliance Token Oracle is a multi-chain compliance system that automates and utilizes a dynamic rules engine.
Capabilities that Keep You Ahead
Comprehensive On-Chain Compliance Verifications
Offers on-chain KYC, KYB, KYA, and AML verification to ensure identity and regulatory compliance, and supports sponsors and issuers with various regulatory exemptions.
Multi-Chain Flexibility with EvoSmart Integration
Supports multi-chain networks, giving sponsors and issuers the freedom to choose their preferred blockchain, and swiftly records all data on-chain with our smart contracts engine, EvoSmart.
Trust Enhancement via Automated Verification
Automated verification of off-chain and on-chain records and agreements boosts consistency and transparency between institutions and customers, enhancing trust.
Streamlined Third-Party Integrations for Verification
Facilitates flexible third-party integrations for issuers, including transaction monitoring, sanctions screening, and verification services to solve verification process challenges and concerns.