Serving a Diverse Array of Clients
Our Clientele Spans Two Primary Sectors
Investment Professionals
We serve a wide range of entities including enterprises, institutions, wealth managers, family-owned investment offices, hedge funds, asset owners, market intermediaries, and traditional banking institutions. These organizations rely on Zoniqx to convert their real-world assets into digital assets, a crucial aspect of their digital asset management.
Industry Innovators
We cater to digital asset exchanges, payment rails, investment managers, institutions, retail aggregators, platforms, and crypto enterprises. These innovators rely on Zoniqx for foundational support. Our services help them establish robust infrastructure, manage custodial duties, and ensure seamless access to market liquidity.
TALM: The All-Encompassing Tokenized Asset Lifecycle Management Solution
Discover the Future of Asset Tokenization with Tokenized Asset Lifecycle Management (TALM)
At Zoniqx, we present TALM - Tokenized Asset Lifecycle Management, a groundbreaking framework that revolutionizes asset tokenization by integrating the entirety of the asset's digital lifecycle. Unlike other players in the market focusing on singular aspects of tokenization, TALM encompasses Primary Token Issuance (TPaaS), Token Distribution Rails (SecureConnect), Tradability of Tokens (SecureTrade), and On Chain Finance of Tokens (SecureFi), along with an encompassing suite of solutions offering a complete, unified solution.
What Sets
TALM Apart
Beyond Basic Tokenization
TALM is an all-encompassing ecosystem designed to support your asset throughout its entire digital lifecycle, from its creation to full maturity.
Holistic Market Solution
Our method fills a crucial void in the market by offering a comprehensive solution that oversees the complete lifecycle of a tokenized asset.
Lifecycle Management
TALM ensures that every phase of your asset's digital journey, including development, growth, and maturity, is efficiently managed and supported.
Innovative & Secure
Cutting-edge technology transforming asset management. Rigorous security protocols safeguarding your digital assets.
Zoniqx utilizes ERC-7518 (DyCIST) to innovate asset tokenization with unmatched flexibility, cross-chain capability, and regulatory compliance.
Accessible to various technical skill levels, ensuring a smooth transition for traditional asset managers into the digital realm.
Adaptive to
Client Needs
White Label and Private Label
The Four Pillars of TALM
Primary Token Issuance: TPaaS (Tokenization Platform as a Service)
Tokenization Platform as a Service (TPaaS) plays a crucial role as a provider of tokenization technology infrastructure, offering a secure Smart Contracts engine for asset tokenization. Our comprehensive TPaaS solution includes securely placing assets on the blockchain, a process that effectively tokenizes or fractionalizes them.
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Token Distribution Rails: SecureConnect
Zoniqx has pioneered the SecureConnect product, which serves as a bridge between the issuer and three key distribution partners: Broker-Dealers, Decentralized Exchanges (DEX), and Financial Institutions. These entities seek access to privately held capital market assets that are tokenized on the blockchain, positioning these assets as alternative investment options for their affluent clients.
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Token Tradability: SecureTrade
Our platform, SecureTrade, enables issuers to launch their own standalone Decentralized Exchanges (DEX) specifically designed for trading their tokens, subject to regulatory approvals from entities such as FINRA and the SEC.
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On-Chain Finance: SecureFi
SecureFi, enabled by Zoniqx's infrastructure, offers a novel approach in decentralized finance (DeFi) by allowing token holders to use their assets as collateral for financing. It caters to both individuals or organizations seeking to leverage their tokenized assets and lenders comfortable with accepting these assets as collateral. This integration fosters secure and efficient transactions, streamlining financial exchanges in the DeFi ecosystem.
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Strategic Enhancement Suite
Enhance your TALM journey with our Strategic Enhancement Suite, a collection of advanced tools and services designed to optimize your asset management process. This suite integrates seamlessly with TALM, offering tailored solutions that address your unique business needs.
EvoSmart, certified by CertiK, is a highly secure smart contract platform with a modular structure for enhanced security token compliance and blockchain immutability.
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CompliTO, Compliance Token Oracle is a multi-chain compliance system that automates and utilizes a dynamic rules engine.
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Harness the power of Gen-AI and manage your investors and tokenized assets seamlessly across the eco-system.
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Facilitate smart analytics for informed strategic decisions and analyze intelligent investor data with SmartAudit.
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Spearheading Enterprise Tokenization with DyCIST (ERC-7518)
Leveraging the DyCIST, the Dynamic Compliant Interoperable Security Token (ERC-7518) gold standard, Zoniqx is revolutionizing asset tokenization with enhanced flexibility, functionality, and cross-chain interoperability. This standard surpasses traditional models by offering versatile token management, seamless integration across blockchain networks, and efficient scalability. It ensures compliance through adaptable regulatory mechanisms and future-proofs investments with its forward-thinking design. This integration positions Zoniqx at the forefront of the digital asset landscape, democratizing access to investments and fostering a more inclusive, efficient global financial ecosystem.