February 22, 2024
Tassets Transforms into Zoniqx: Pioneering the Future of Asset Tokenization with a Bold New Identity

Silicon Valley, CA - February 22, 2024 - Tassets, a pioneer in the Tokenization Platform as a Service (TPaaS) industry and a distinguished leader in digital asset technology, renowned for its innovative Tokenized Asset Lifecycle Management (TALM) solution, has unveiled its new identity, Zoniqx. This rebranding signifies a pivotal moment in the company's journey and underscores its dedication to transforming the asset tokenization landscape. Embracing the new tagline, "Where assets meet their digital future," Zoniqx is poised to redefine how assets are viewed, managed, and transacted in the digital era. 

The conceptual groundwork for Zoniqx was laid in 2017, marking the beginning of a journey toward significant growth and innovation in the real-world asset tokenization sector. The company has successfully built a platform with real use case validation, distinguishing itself in the market by tokenizing a diverse array of assets. From illiquid assets like commercial real estate to more liquid assets such as bank deposits, carbon credits, and private equity, Zoniqx has demonstrated its capability and versatility. Presently engaged in multiple industry use cases spanning the U.S. and expanding into other global markets, Zoniqx is establishing a new paradigm in the tokenization of real world assets. 

With its brand new name, Zoniqx will continue to provide its cutting-edge Tokenized Asset Lifecycle Management (TALM) solution, leveraging the latest DyCIST - Dynamic Compliant Interoperable Security Token (ERC-7518) protocol of global compliance in multiple jurisdictions and interoperability to transform Real World Assets into Digital Assets. These are the industry challenges we are actively addressing.  

Prasanth Kalangi, the Founder of Tassets, now Zoniqx, expressed enthusiasm about this new chapter: "As Zoniqx, we are not just changing our name; we are redefining our future. Our commitment to innovation and excellence in the field of digital assets remains steadfast. This rebranding is a reflection of our evolution and our ambition to be at the forefront of the tokenization revolution. 

Sanjeev Birari, Co-Founder and Chief Business Officer of Zoniqx, formerly known as Tassets, states, "At the core of Zoniqx's ecosystem is SecureConnect, an innovative solution crafted to seamlessly link asset tokenization with an extensive network of institutional liquidity. SecureConnect simplifies the engagement between asset creators and a broad spectrum of investors, encompassing Alternative Trading Systems, hedge funds, and family offices, thereby enhancing liquidity and ensuring safe, compliant entry into the digital asset markets. This strategic innovation addresses the increasing demand for liquidity and security within the digital realm, firmly establishing Zoniqx not merely as a participant but as a leader in the tokenization movement." 

Experts estimate that Real World Asset tokenization is set to become a multi-trillion dollar market within the next 5 years with some estimates going up to $16 trillion. In this rapidly expanding market, Zoniqx will remain committed to making tokenization accessible through low code/no code technology and lead the way in enterprise-level asset tokenization. The company's proprietary solution, SecureConnect, will continue as the cornerstone of its offerings, ensuring security, scalability, and compliance. 

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About Zoniqx 

Zoniqx, formerly known as Tassets, stands as a beacon in financial technology from Silicon Valley, specializing in Tokenization Platform as a Service (TPaaS). It adeptly transforms Real World Assets into Digital Assets. The cornerstone of its offerings, the Tokenized Asset Lifecycle Management (TALM) solution, embraces the DyCIST - Dynamic Compliant Interoperable Security Token (ERC-7518) protocol, ensuring utmost security and scalability. Central to Zoniqx's ecosystem is SecureConnect, a groundbreaking platform that seamlessly bridges asset tokenization with institutional liquidity, amplifying market reach and ensuring compliance. This synergy positions Zoniqx not just as a provider but as an innovator at the forefront of digital asset transformation.