February 21, 2024
"Treasury-yield surge boosts tokenization of real-world assets on blockchains, leading 'huge paradigm shift' in finance" by Aruni Soni on Markets Insider

The surge in Treasury yields since 2022 is reshaping the financial landscape, driving the tokenization of real-world assets.

According to Fundstrat Global Advisors, on-chain, real-world assets now total $118.6 billion, and experts predict explosive growth. Boston Consulting Group (BCG) forecasts a "highly conservative" $16 trillion by 2030, with a bullish scenario of $68 trillion.

Big players are joining the game! J.P. Morgan's Tokenized Collateral Network is live, allowing firms like BlackRock to tokenize assets. Swift is also developing a blockchain-based system with Chainlink.

💡Why tokenization? Liquidity and accessibility! Tokenized assets are more liquid, thanks to fractionalization, making them affordable. Blockchain trading operates 24/7 with faster transactions, revolutionizing the traditional 7.5-hour stock exchange day.

Challenges remain. Lee Bratcher from the Texas Blockchain Council highlights fragmentation in the market. A centralized national exchange is crucial for widespread tokenization.

Tom Couture from Fundstrat Global Advisors sees this as a "huge paradigm shift" in finance, likening it to the transition from analog to digital. Blockchain is poised to become the backbone of every asset class. Read the full article by Aruni Soni at Market Insider Group, https://lnkd.in/dDu9b54a

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