February 20, 2024
"Will 2024 be the year tokenization takes off in private markets?" by Myles Milston on Ledger Insights

🔥 Hot Topic: Tokenization in private markets is gaining traction, and 2024 might be its breakout year! Myles Milston, CEO of Globacap, sheds light on its potential and readiness for mass adoption.

Despite setbacks in the digital asset market, we're seeing a blend of digital and traditional finance. The UK's new Technology Working Group is paving the way with a tokenization roadmap.

Goldman Sachs' Mathew McDermott predicts a surge in blockchain-based asset trading soon.

🔸 Private Market Revolution: Imagine tokenizing assets like real estate and private equity for easier access and quicker trading!

🔸 The Challenge: Tokenization is the final step in private market transactions. The key? Transitioning to digital and automated infrastructures first.

🔸 Bearer vs. Registered Instruments: Understanding these is crucial for tokenization. Bearer instruments are direct ownership (think coins), while registered instruments are centrally listed (like a property deed).

Three Key Use Cases:

1. One-to-One Asset Exchange: Blockchain can replace intermediaries in transactions, slashing time and costs.

2. Private Asset Trading: Tokenizing shares for trading on digital exchanges, giving investors direct liquidity control.

3. Institutional Transactions: For institutional deals, tokenization can streamline settlement and reconciliation processes.

🔸 Digitization First: Before tokenizing, assets must be digitized. This is already happening in public markets but needs to catch up in private markets.

🔸 Groundwork Laid: Despite challenges, the fusion of digital and traditional finance is progressing, with regulations evolving to accommodate this innovative technology.

2024: A Critical Year: With the groundwork set, 2024 could be a landmark year for tokenization in private markets.

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