February 19, 2024
"Will the “iPhone moment” of Web3 technology appear in 2024? — — OKG Research Outlook" by Jason Jiang from OKG Research

Is 2024 the Year Web3 Transforms Our World? Are you ready to dive into the potential "iPhone moment" for Web3 in 2024? As OKG Technology Research sheds light on this emerging technology amidst economic changes and the rollercoaster ride of the crypto market, we see a horizon filled with promise and innovation.

Key Insights:

🔸 Tokenization is identified as the driving force behind Web3's journey towards mainstream acceptance, reminiscent of the internet's transformative rise in the 90s. It's more than just crypto; it's about bridging the digital with the tangible.

🔸 Regulatory environments are adapting, becoming more open to this emerging tech. This shift is highlighted by actions like the Hong Kong SFC's 2023 circular on tokenized securities.

Looking Ahead to 2024:

🔸 Expect blockchain technology to work seamlessly behind the scenes, focusing on practical, real-life applications of tokenized products.

🔸 Watch for increased global recognition and the development of regulations, with Hong Kong, Thailand, and Singapore paving the way.

🔸 Traditional financial institutions are anticipated to take a more active role in tokenization, initially starting with partial implementations.

🔸 The tokenization of deposits and funds is poised for growth, spurred by initiatives like JP Morgan's tokenized deposit plan.

🔸 A significant move towards public blockchains by financial institutions signals growing trust in their security and effectiveness.

Blythe Masters, former JPMorgan executive, aptly said, "You should take this technology as seriously as the development of the internet in the early 1990s."

As 2024 approaches, keep your eyes on developments like Bitcoin halving, Ethereum Cancun upgrade, and spot ETFs for crypto assets. These could redefine market values, but the real excitement lies in the innovative strides of tokenization. It's about transforming digital assets into meaningful real-world applications.

Get ready for what might be a landmark year for Web3, potentially marking its groundbreaking "iPhone moment"! Read the full article at https://lnkd.in/d3qBB2AX

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