May 30, 2024
Zoniqx Featured in Ripple's Q1 2024 XRP Markets Report

Zoniqx is proud to be featured in Ripple's Q1 2024 XRP Markets Report! 🌟 Our partnership with Ripple continues to drive innovation in the #blockchain space. As highlighted in the report, Zoniqx is streamlining the #tokenization process for real-world assets with our integration of the #XRPL which supports native (#XRP) and issued tokens to represent assets on-chain, making the process more efficient, accessible and liquid in the digital asset market.

By leveraging XRPL’s fast, safe and low-cost blockchain infrastructure alongside #Zoniqx’s state-of-the-art tokenization and digital asset lifecycle management offerings, the integration seeks to redefine industry standards and facilitate the seamless digital conversion of traditional assets on-chain.

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