February 19, 2024
"How Tokenization Can Fuel a $400 Billion Opportunity in Distributing Alternative Investments to Individuals" by Bain and Company

Tokenization is opening a massive $400 billion opportunity in the world of alternative investments for individual investors. Here's why you should pay attention:
🔸 Massive Market Shift: Only 5% of the $150 trillion global wealth held by individuals is currently in alternatives. Tokenization could substantially increase this, tapping into a vast market.
🔸 Unprecedented Growth: Imagine the alternative asset allocation of wealthy investors jumping from 5% to an impressive 20%. That's the potential tokenization holds!
🔸 Streamlined Investing: Tokenization simplifies and automates the stages of alternative investments, making them more accessible and efficient for both individuals and institutions.
🔸 Increased Liquidity: It offers improved liquidity and collateralization options, making investments in private equity, real estate, and hedge funds more appealing.
🔸 Huge Revenue Potential: This innovation could unlock around $400 billion in additional annual revenue for the alternatives industry!
🔸 Wealthy Individuals, Take Note: Currently, individuals hold a mere 5% of their wealth in alternatives. With tokenization, this number could rise significantly, offering diversified and higher-quality portfolios.
🔸 Leading the Change: Major firms like Blackstone, KKR, The Carlyle Group, and Apollo Global Management, Inc. are focusing on individual investors for future growth.
🔸 A New Paradigm: Blockchain and tokenization are poised to revolutionize how alternative investments are distributed, benefiting everyone from fund managers to individual investors.

Read this insightful full report from Bain & Company at https://lnkd.in/g2sUBR2R

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