February 21, 2024
"Tokenization and Real-World Assets Take Center Stage" by Peter Gaffney on CoinDesk

Slash Expenses, Boost Efficiency: The Economic Impact of Tokenization

Let's explore some standout examples from Q3's performance:

🔸 Goldman Sachs Digital Asset Platform: Achieved a 15 basis point savings on a €100M issuance, translating to an extra €150K return.

🔸 J.P. Morgan’s Onyx Digital Assets: Anticipates saving $20 million on $1 trillion in tokenized repo volume.

🔸 Broadridge’s Distributed Ledger Repo: Clients like Societe Generale are seeing savings of $1 million per 100,000 repo transactions.

🔸 EquiLend's 1Source: Estimated savings of $100 million for the securities lending industry.

🔸 Intain’s Structured Finance Platform: Reduced SME loan lifecycle fees by 100 basis points.

🔸 Vanguard via R3’s Corda: Streamlined processes saving 100 hours per week in labor.

🔸 Liquid Mortgage on Stellar Blockchain: Reduced MBS reporting time from 55 days to just 30 minutes.

🔸 Money & Markets Yield: Around 5% annual returns with a 520% increase in on-chain capital YTD.

🔸 Citi and UBS: Launching distributed digital bonds and Ethereum-based funds for Southeast Asian private banking clients.

🔗 A Shoutout to the Expert:

A big thank you to Peter Gaffney 🌴, Head of Research at Security Token Advisors 🌴, for his insightful article in CoinDesk's 'Crypto Long & Short' newsletter. His deep dive into the state of security tokens in 2023 provides a comprehensive view of the industry's current landscape and future potential.

Read the full article here https://lnkd.in/d7JaWvrW.

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