February 20, 2024
"UK Publishes Regulations for a Digital Securities Sandbox" by Camomile Shumba on CoinDesk

The UK has just unveiled regulations for a Digital Securities Sandbox, revolutionizing the finance sector! Starting Jan 8, the Financial Conduct Authority & Bank of England will pilot the Digital Securities Sandbox (DSS). This innovative platform allows businesses to test tokenized securities and explore distributed ledger tech under regulatory guidance.

💡 Tokenization is transforming finance globally, and the UK is at the forefront! The UK is using its new powers under the Financial Services and Markets Act 2023 to set the stage for crypto regulation. Know more at https://lnkd.in/dysGxQ97

Amidst the growing tokenization sector, Zoniqx, based in Silicon Valley, is making significant strides. Their Tokenization Platform as a Service (TPaaS) and flagship Tokenized Asset Lifecycle Management (TALM) solution, compliant with the ERC-7518 protocol, are revolutionizing the quick and secure digitalization of real-world assets. Zoniqx is distinctive for its user-friendly approach, employing low code/no code technology to cater to a wide range of assets like real estate, yachts, debt funds, and more. Their SecureConnect feature offers direct liquidity access, bolstering their market position and credibility in the tokenization field.

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